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How to create a new PBI

A Product Backlog Item (PBI) is a work unit that describes a specific need of a product. It can be a feature, a user story, or any other element that adds value to the final product.

How to create a new PBI?

In Done Tonic, each PBI contains smaller work units known as Tasks. Before working on a PBI, it is important to create its respective tasks. These tasks provide a clearer understanding of the necessary steps to complete the PBI and helps you to manage the work from the Sprint Board.

Follow these steps to create a PBI:

  1. Navigate to the Backlog section in your Scrum project.
  2. In the top right corner of the screen, click on the + PBI button.
  3. Here you can fill in the different attributes of a PBI: PBI Status (colored square), PBI Name, PBI Description, Add attachments, Set priority, due date, or labels.
  4. Break down the PBI into smaller Tasks to work more efficiently and assign them to members of your team. To add the PBI´s task go here:

Here is a demonstration of how you can create a PBI with its respective tasks:

Details of a PBI/Product Backlog Item

Discover all the actions you can perform on a PBI

  1. PBI Status
  2. Requirement:The need falls within the parameters of the Moscow Scale.
  3. Estimation: The estimation for each unit in DoneTonic can be adjusted to your preferences, whether in story points, hours, etc.
  4. Tag
  5. User Story Mapping: From here, you can add a PBI to a user story mapping or, if it’s already part of the User Story Mapping, find out which product it belongs to.
  6. From here, you can add a PBI to a Sprint.
  7. From here, you can add a PBI to a Release.

Depending on the categorization of PBIs, you can also find the + NEW PBI buttons within the PBI section to quickly create a new one.

Need to delete a PBI? Check out this guide.