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How to set up a scrum workflow

DoneTonic has been built from the ground up with agile methodologies in mind. Let’s navigate the different elements that will accompany you throughout your scrum journey.

Start by creating a new project and select Scrum type. Inside the project you can find two elements created by default: Backlog and Releases.

In the Backlog page you can create and manage your Product Backlog Items (PBIs) and sprints.

There are several attributes you can set for each of them. For PBIs you can set priority, due date, attachments, add tasks… And for Sprints the planning, review, and retrospective dates.

To assign a PBI to a sprint, simply drag the PBI onto the Sprint.

Whenever you create a Sprint, a board associated to it is automatically created and displayed on the left side menu. If you access it, you can find all the tasks categorized by their PBI (left side) and their status (top side).

When the Sprint review date arrives, you will get a notification on top of your board to move any unfinished PBIs through to the next Sprint.

In the Releases page you can find all your completed PBIs on the left side, and the current Releases on the right side. In order to add a PBI to a release, simply drag the PBIs on top of your release in the same way you do with sprints.

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